FalCom Pods Pro

FalCom Pods Pro is a state-of-the-art active hearing protection and communications headset. It can be used as a stand-alone hearing protector or as a part of a full soldier communication system.

Active Hearing Protection – connected or stand alone

Maintain sound localization and active hearing protection with or without radio. Use the headset as a stand alone active hearing protector at the range.

Direct Connect

Connect directly to a single channel radio and key the radio PTT directly from the headset. Connect your audio or data devices to the left or right cup.

New boom-microphone design

The headset is designed to accommodate both left and right-handed users. The new microphone can be easily removed making it easy for the soldier to dismount headset and helmet.

Powered from battery or radio

The low power headset lasts more than 100 hours on a single AAA-battery. If connected to a radio the headset will pull power from the external source to maximize active situational awareness.